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About Us

Inspired by the term “Third Culture Kids”, the brand Third Culture was created. Third Culture refers to someone who has grown up and deeply interacted with two or more cultural worlds during childhood, thus assimilating elements of those cultures, into a third culture. We are prototype citizens of the future. In other words, a childhood lived in, among, and between various cultural worlds will one day be the norm rather than the exception. Culture shapes not only our identity but also our daily lives. Posts featured on this website reflect a third culture perspective on inspiration, design, fashion and lifestyle. To help you better understand the third culture movement we have a lot more to come including video profiles, apparel, and events. We are building a brand, a lifestyle, and most important a community.


Third Culture seeks to recognize and celebrate one of this country’s greatest assets; it’s cultural diversity. We hope to recognize key contributors and sources of inspiration in the fields of design and fashion. We take great pride in our diverse backgrounds and love seeing the positive impact other Third Cultured people are having in the world today.